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2011 Season Week #4 Recap

posted Sep 13, 2011, 10:57 AM by Robert Mays   [ updated Sep 13, 2011, 11:27 AM ]
The boys and girls were on the road again during week #4, traveling to Spring Valley High School on Tuesday, 9/6 for a doubleheader, and then onto Parkersburg on 9/9 and 9/10 for the Bishop's Cup.

The girls varsity kicked off the Spring Valley doubleheader on Tuesday, holding the score at 0 - 0 through the half with excellent defense against 7 shots-on-goal and a PK off a foul inside the 18 yard box that hit the crossbar.  Irish defender Senior #15 Kara Anderson, had a header save in the 12th minute, and keeper Rachael Lee was able to stop a hard, short distance Timbersolves shot in the 24th minute. The Lady Timberwolves continued their attack in the 2nd half, scoring in the 41st minute. The Lady Irish continued their defense of the net. Irish keeper Rachael Lee stopped a second Timberwolves PK in the 65th minute .  However, the Lady Irish were unable to hold off and second period onslaught of 11 shots-on-goal.  The Timberwolves scored three more goals in the 55th, 62nd, and 80 minute, resulting in a Lady Irish 0-4 loss.  

The Irish boys varsity went up early in the 1st period with a rocketing shot by Senior #4 Evan Bolano from the top of the 18 yard box in the 9th minute, assisted by Senior #8 Quinton Mays.  The Timberwolves, committed to retain their unbeaten record, evened the score in the 18th minute, when #10 Chris Holland scored from the top of the 6 yard box off a cross from #14 Will Howerton, sending the game into a 1-1 draw at the half.   The second half displayed an increased level of physical play, as both teams vied to control possession.  The Irish struck in the 57th minute, when Senior #9 Robert Null teed up a free kick awarded from a Timberwolves foul just outside the left top of the 18 yard box.  Null sent in a looping volley, which bent into the upper-right 90 of the goal, putting St. Joe up, 2-1.  Another Spring Valley foul in the 63rd minute, this time at the upper-right side of the 18 yard box, provided #9 Null with another free kick opportunity, which resulted in a mirror image shot, landing in the upper-left 90 of the goal, and giving Null 2 goals for the match.  The Irish walked away with a 3-1 win.

Both teams traveled to Parkersburg on Friday, 9/9 for Bishop's Cup play.  The boys faced Charleston Catholic (CC) in the first game. Both teams quickly applied pressure, looking for a mistake opportunity to overcome the opponent's defenses.  CC found their first opportunity in the 19th minute on a breakaway which resulted in a goal by #4 Luke Smith.  St. Joe recovered and continued to apply pressure and defend against CC runs to the corner.  CC struck again in the 36 minute when #16 William Scriptunas placed a chip just over keeper Rob Blair's arms into the upper-right 90 of the net, sending CC up 2 - 0 at the half.  The second half exhibited a fairly even distribution of shot opportunities by both teams, with all shots coming from around the top of 18 yard box.  CC capitalized on a St. Joe error in the 50th, when #1 Tommy Trupo picked off a pass out of the box by Blair, resulting in another CC goal.  St. Joe continued looking for opportunities, finding one in the 74th minute, when Junior #3 Stephen Jenkins connected on a header off of a corner kick by Senior #9 Robert Null.  Howvever, the momentum gain was too late, resulting in a 1-3 St. Joe Loss.

The girls followed the boys with a match against the CC.  St. Joe once again exhibited excellent defense during the first half, holding off 6 CC shots-on-goal to keep the game at 0-0 at the half.  However, the girls had zero shots-on-goal.  The 2nd half exhibited much of the same, with CC putting up another 8 shots-on-goal.  A St. Joe foul in the box at minute #54 led to a PK goal by CC #9 Emily Blake.  CC struck again in the 71st minute when Blake passed the ball to #5 Anna Whelan off a right post deflection, who tapped the ball into the net from the right top of the 6 yard box.  The match ended in a 0-2 St. Joe loss.

The JV boys played next in a match against Clarksburg Notre Dame. Clarksburg quickly went on the attack, placing 8 shots-on-goal in the 1st period, 4 of which resulted in goals.  Sophomore #18 Jonathan Armstead scored the sole St. Joe goal in the 52nd minute, assisted by Senior #1 Brandon Brent.  Clarsburg answered in the 57th minute, resulting in a 1 -5 St. Joe JV loss.

Losses on Friday placed both varsity teams into consolation games on Saturday, 9/10.  The girls played first, against Weirton Madonna.  Senior #22 Ferin Neff scored in the 38th minute on a PK awarded due to a Madonna handball in the box. The Lady Irish placed a total of 8 shots-on-goal during the match, versus 6 by Madonna, resulting in a 1-0 Lady Irish victory.  The boys played Wheeling Central in their consolation game.  The Irish dominated possession throughout the game, placing a total of 19 shots-on-goal and limiting Wheeling to a total or 3 shot-on-goal opportunities. Senior #25 Josh Pierson scored the first Irish goal in the 5th minute (unassisted).  Junior # 3 Stephen Jenkins scored in the 21st minute, catching the ball in the air off a free kick from #9 Robert Null. Jenkins scored again in the 48th minute with a header off a corner kick by #4 Evan Bolano.  Junior #14 Lakin Brooks score in the 53rd minute, assisted by Josh Pierson and #8 Quinton Mays.  Pierson scored in minute 55 off a pass from Quinton Mays.  Sophomore #2 Brian Conaty scored in the 66th Minute, assisted by #18 Jonathan Armstead.  Senior Rob Blair (wearing #19 in the field) scored in the 79th minute, unassisted.  The final St. Joe goal came in the 80th minute on a shot past the keeper by Conaty, resulting in an 8-0 Irish win.