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2012 Season Week #7 Recap

posted Oct 1, 2012, 8:08 PM by Robert Mays
Week #7 - Homecoming week!  The teams started out on the road with a Girls and Boys doubleheader at Pikeview on Monday, 9/24 and ended with Homecoming games at Spring Valley High School on Friday, 9/28.

The Girls fell behind in the 21st minute of play against Pikeview, but quickly evened the score on an unassisted goal by #18 Griffin Dempsey in the 25th minute. Pikeview quickly struck back, going up again by one in the 26th minute to put the score at 2-1 Pikeview at the half.  The lady Irish made a few good runs in the second half, but were unable to finish the opportunities, putting concern in the fans' minds that the Girls may go home with a loss.  However, Junior #13 Kara Jeffery sent in a volley from 30+ yards out in the 64th minute to tie up the game, resulting in a 2-2 draw. Click here for the match box score.

The Boys pressured Pikeview in their match, sending in a number of off-goal shots before #14 Lakin Brooks found the net in the 36th minute, assisted by #11 Brian Conaty to go ahead and remain there for the rest of the match to end with a 1-0 win. Click here for the match box score.

Friday's Girls homecoming game was a rematch of a game played on 9/22 between the Lady Irish and the Chesapeake Panthers.  St. Joe put 13 shots on goal vs 4 for Chesapeake.  However, St. Joe could not score before Chesapeake, who found the net in the 75th minute of play to end the match in a 0-1 St. Joe loss - a reversal of the previous week's match. Click here for the match box score.

The Boys once again faced a talented, fast Mountain Mission squad, who found the net first in the 9th minute.  St. Joe quickly responded when Junior #11 Brian Conaty  scored, assisted by Senior #3 Stephen Jenkins.  Mountain Mission fought back, scoring again in the 16th minute and, once again, St. Joe responded in the 20th minute to tie the game up on an unassisted goal by Jenkins, sending both teams to their benches at the half with the score at 2 - 2.  St. Joe struck early in the 2nd period when Conaty scored, again assisted by Jenkins in the 46th minute to go up by one.  However, Mountain Mission was not ready to give up, scoring again in the 56th minute of play to tie up the game, setting the stage for a potential draw.  St. Joe found an opportunity in the 80th minute, when Conaty got his head on a corner kick service from Jenkins, gving Conaty a hat trick and St. Joe a win over Mountain Mission,  4-3.  Click here for the match box score.