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How to Sync SJHS Soccer Team Calendars to Your Mobile Device

Would you like to display the SJHS boys and/or girls team soccer schedules on your smartphone or other mobile device's calendar so that you can be reminded of game dates and use field location information included in the calendar entries to help you find the game location?  Anyone with a GMail account and a mobile device that supports GMail can easily add one or both team's calendar to their GMail calendar and easily access the team schedule info, including schedule updates that are made during the season.  Follow these steps to add SJHS soccer team schedules to your GMail calendar:
  1. From a PC, login to your GMail account
  2. Switch to your Calendar (click Calendar link on the black horizontal menu bar)
  3. Click on "Other Calendars", paste one of  the calendar addresses (after -)  below into the "Add a friend's calendar" text box , and press the Enter key
    • Boys Matches -
    • Boys Practices -
    • Girls Matches -
    • Girls Practices -
  4. Repeat the previous step if you want both the boys and girls calendars added to your calendar
  5. IMPORTANT: If you're an iPhone user, then you must go to, select the SJHS team calendar(s) that were added above, and press Save
  6. On your mobile device add an account to access GMail, if you don't already have GMail access setup on your device. For iPhone users, you must setup an account as follows in order for the calender(s) to sync to your device:
        • Tap Settings on the Home screen.
        • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
        • Tap Add Account... under Accounts.
        • Choose Microsoft Exchange.
        • Enter your Gmail address under Email.
        • Enter "" (not including the quotation marks) under Domain.
        • Tap your full Gmail address under Username.
        • Enter your Google password under Password.
        • Optionally, tap "Google Calendar" under Description.
        • Tap Next.
        • Enter "" under Server.
        • Tap Next again.
        • Make sure Calendars is ON.
    7. The newly added calendar(s) will now display on the GMail calendar of your mobile device once the mobile device has synced the calendar data

    Don't have a GMail account? You can easily create one for free!  Goto to get started. GMail is available on Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.